T e s t i m o n i a l s

ROGER HODGSON ( Co-founder, lead vocalist and hit songwriter of Supertramp )

" J D remains one of the most versatile, fluid and gifted musicians I have ever worked with. His piano compositions still rate among my favorite listening music of all time."

JIM MESSINA ( Producer, songwriter and co-founder of Loggins and Messina )
" I found JD to be the kind of musician who is able to take a concept given to him and interpret in a way to make it his own. In the sessions that I have worked with JD, I was always thrilled, excited and moved by his performances. So much so, that I refer JD anytime I am asked to recommend a top keyboardist. I know you'll love his performances as well. "

JEFF 'SKUNK' BAXTER ( Legendary guitarist of Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers )
"JD and I have worked together on everything from record dates, jingles and even "The Hang Dynasty", the world's most fun party band. From rock to country, jazz to classical, this guy cuts it all. Serious chops and always a great hang. Yo, JD . . . "

DIANE SCHURR ( Grammy winning jazz vocalist )
" JD Daniel is a brilliant musician both as a classical player as well as new age innovations. I really enjoyed working with him, and I have very fond memories of our work together in different studios. "

JOHN M. KEANE ( Award winning composer for CBS Television's C.S.I. )
"JD is one of the best keyboardists I know. I've used him on many projects and he's always done a great job. He's got strong computer/software skills and gets the job done fast. He can cover a lot of different styles, from jazz to classical to pop. I would highly recommend JD for your next project! "

PAT BAUTZ ( Drummer of Three Dog Night and founder of RealDrumStudio.com )
" STOP ! If your looking for keyboards for your songs or music project and want the absolute best, then JD is your man!! Don't be fooled by CHEAP IMITATIONS. He does it all !!! "

BRIAN SLAWSON ( Grammy nominated percussionist and composer )
" When my session needs a world-class keyboard boost, J.D. Daniel's prokeyboardist.com is my one-stop shop. From sophisticated acoustic piano performances and smokin' B-3 tracks to multi-track textures, J.D.'s on the cutting edge. This is a musician who offers invaluable, expert advice yet knows how to take direction. He offers state-of-the-art tones and efficient turn-around time. From rock to jazz to classical, this is the keyboard service that can turn your demos into hits! "

RICK DINSMORE ( Country songwriter, Austin, Texas )
" I've known JD for many years and I've seen and heard him blend virtuosity & soul in every genre from country to classical. He is truly a gifted artist. We've recorded quite a bit together and through the internet. I send JD a rough mix of what I'm working on and he adds his parts and sends me them, then I add them to my mix. Voila, perfect fit, even though I use a different program (Sonar). Ah the marvels of the Modern Age! "

JACK KNIGHT ( Actor and songwriter, Los Angeles, California )
" A stroke of luck got JD and I together. A casual reference about a song I'd written honoring 911 victims led to a referral that has turned into a great working relationship. Several arrangements later, I still marvel how fast he works, even by phone or the internet. I'm looking forward to using him to work on a film score I'm working on."

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