I work with Logic Pro 9.0 digital recording software, w/ 128 tracks of audio & unlimited virtual soundtracks.  I have over 5 Terabytes of premium sound libraries, including Kontakt 5 & EXS24.
Files created are compatible with all other digital recording platforms.
        They can be delivered in any format you need, including WAV, SDl, SDll, AlFF, OMF ( Open Media Framework ), mp3, or audio CD / DVD.
When you're satisfied with the recording, you'll download the individual tracks from ProKeyboardist's FTP server area. A password is provided for secure access.
You can then remix them into your platform of choice - Pro Tools, Logic, Digital  Performer, Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk and all other programs.         Sample rates available: 44.1 khz, 48khz, 96khz, 16 / 24 bit resolution. 




                                          Kawai 7' Concert Grand Piano                                           

10 terabyte library of awesome virtual sounds
Yamaha classical nylon string guitar
Ibanez steel string guitar
Assorted hand percussion instruments
( Additional live musicians on all instruments also available )


AKG 414
Audio Technica 4033
Audio Technica 3035
Rode Tube Mic
DBX 386 Tube Mic Preamp w/ Digital/Analog Conversion
MOTU 8pre Digital Interface

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